Bataan: Weekend Getaway

Post dated : November 2015

Blast From the Past

Another year older. Yes, It’s my birthday month November . Instead of lingering on what will happen in my future? Will I’ll be married to a wonderful guy? Will I’ll be successful? I think it’s better for me to realize how blessed I am by visiting the past.




Don’t get wrong, I don’t  have any kids yet. That’s my Mom and I am the baby.  The time I’m super cute and bold haha.  My mom and I are really look alike hahaha. So basically, I know what will I look like if I reach 60 years old. I will grow old beautifully hahaha.  Love you Ma !

Last year 2014, I’ve saw some blogs regarding  weekend spent in Bataan on which you will experienced how to live on the past. This is in  Las Casas Filipinas,On which I will have a different blog.

There are lots of places to visit in Bataan. There is Corregidor on which we visited with my family last 2014, Lucky for us I’ve got a deal in Metrodeal for 4,500 php good for 2 with ferry transit, lunch & breakfast, accommodation and tour. Great deal right.

There are also other places to visit in Bataan on the way to Las Casas.  The Plaza and St. Joseph church in Balanga Bataan, Dambana ng Kagitingan, Dunsulan falls and Pawikan conservation . But in this blog, I want to tour you on the places we went to on our way to Las Casas.

Back to my Plan:

I’ve asked my girl cousins and nieces to join me in this trip. We called this trip  ‘All Girls weekend trip’ and were 16. Lucky us, I was able to booked booked 3 rooms with freebies (breakfast, drinks and tour). By the way you can have day tour but we decided to overnight.

Just a day or 2 before the trip almost majority of my invited can’t make it because of certain valid reasons.  The problem was we cannot anymore cancel our accommodation which I’ve already paid  for P19,500 for 3 rooms. We don’t have any choice but to continue the trip.  I don’t want to shoulder everything right ?! So, I’ve asked everyone  to pay their share regardless they join or not. haha :).

With Ched (my best friend) , Kat (my niece)  and our ever famous “Mang Boy our driver” we drove off to Bataan ! Yehey! Just 3 out 16 except Mang boy hahaha :).  We drove from Navotas around 8:30 am as I recalled,  Arrived on our first stop; Balanga Bataan  at around 10:30 am.


We were able to attend the last morning mass in Cathedral of St. Joseph but unfortunately late for the homily.

Next Stop on the way to Las Casas is Dambana ng Kagitingan.




You can find the Dambana  ng Kagitingan in Mount Samat, that is why it is also called  Mount Samat National Shrine a.k.a “Shrine of Valor” . It was built  in 1970 for commemoration  of Filipino and American soldiers who fought during the World War II.



On the way to the Shrine, We were captured by this scenic view . We stopped for a few minutes to have some good pictures . Later,  we realize that there were bunch of ducks! It makes me feel really I’m in a province. It’s a great feeling  and you don’t usually see it in the city .

Then we arrived at Mount Samat Shrine.

From the parking lot, we climbed few steps.  I guess not few, haha. Without exercise, just imagine us complaining throughout climbing lol. But kidding aside, It was  worthed with the panoramic view of Bataan up to Manila bay . Truly breathtaking .

Finally we reached the Cross.  The Memorial Cross is 555m above the sea level made by steel and concrete .Its exterior is furnished by marble sculpted Nabiag na Bato, execution of Rizal, Lapu -Lapu and Antonio Luna. 

You can actually go up further in the cross using the lift with a certain price of 10 php. At the top  “Viewing Gallery” of the cross you can view Bataan in the 360 degrees.

After staying for about roughly 20 mins at the top then it’s the time to go down 😦 . Remember no one stays forever on the top #hugot . When we go down, I’ve realized you can park the vehicle on the higher level, you don’t need to climb that high! hahaha. But the experience of climbing is really worthed plus the view, So no regrets from me ! 🙂

Below the Memorial Cross, You can explore the Colonnade. The Colonnade is made on marble surrounded by esplanade, Sculptures were created by Napoleon Abueva (National Artist) and other artist Maximo Vicente, Leonides Valdez and Angel Sampra . It’s so amazing, How these artists  described what happened during World War II . The Death March that killed thousands of Filipinos soldiers  for fighting so we can have our Freedom.

Below the Colonnade you will see the war museum. It will definitely brings you back during the time lots of Filipinos were dying to give the future Filipinos the  Freedom they think we deserve.

My question right now, Are we deserving of this Freedom we have now ? Do we give importance to the people who sacrifice a lot just to have this Freedom? I Guess not, sadly 😦

We had a option to go to Dunsulan, But decided to do it tomorrow on the way home instead because we were so hungry and bit tired.

By the way this is Dunsulan falls:




For more information how to get in Dunsulan falls  you can refer to The Backpackers Blog




We arrived on our main destination  at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar  after spending 2 hours in the Shrine of Valor .


Expenses (Manila – Shrine of Valor) :

With Private Transport:

  • Toll gate –  estimated 450 php round trip
  • Gas/Diesel – 1000 php (2 or more travel hours)
  • Parking fee –  30 php (big vehicles)  & 20 php (small vehicles)
  • Entrance fee – 20 php/per pax
  • Elevator – 10 php/pax

With Public Transport:

  • Bus (Genesis/ Balanga Bataan, Bataan Transit) – 200 php per way for 3 travel hours.
  • Jeep (Cabog Cabog)  from Balanga to the foot of Mount Samat – 17 php for around 20 mins.
  • Tricycle – 100 per person per way
  • Entrance fee – 20 php/per pax
  • Elevator – 10 php/pax

Private transportation is much cheaper.

Please wait for my separate blog for Las Casas . Thank you guys for the support ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂