Day 1 Amazing Siem Reap with me,myself and I

Post dated: Traveled July 2014

Magical, Stunning and Amazing  these are the words came out of my mind when I saw Siem Reap . I felt the magic on how the Cambodian’s ancestors build this City and temples over 1800 years . Stunning! The details and how precise each rocks and sculptures in each temples. It is truly amazing . 10555355_10202019564843471_1836166049_o

I’ve traveled last July 2014. And on my first day, I took the “Small tour” as they said . We went to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Victory Gate, Thommanom,Chou Say Thevada, Ta keo, Ta Prom (Tom Raider movie) Banteay, Kdei, Sras Srang and other temples for just 12 usd in a tuktuk .  Tuktuk is a 3 wheel motor vehicle might be good for max 6 persons but I suggest to have it 4 only for a comfortable sit.




Because of my vain knowledge about Cambodia and their Temples, I’ve decided to have a tour guide. Lucky, The Golden Temple Villa Hotel where I stayed in gave me an amazing tour guide  Sov Sothik  for just USD 30.  He will tell you everything, you need to know about the temples and their history. Also he took some  pretty cool pictures of the temples with me as model hahaha.




On my 1st  night, I went to Koulen restaurant to see some Aspara dance  and  had a buffet dinner for  just 12 usd . Those performers dance gracefully . They able to tell their audience their history and culture through dancing .  Though I won’t recommend the food is not on my taste, I rather go to some cheaper restaurants on street . #solotraveller #SiemReap


Please click this LINK for my day 2 in Siem Reap .

6 thoughts on “Day 1 Amazing Siem Reap with me,myself and I

  1. Congrats, Jaq! I, too wanted to have my own blog but i believe i dont have enough entries yet. For now, follow and read lang muna ko. Keep on writing! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tin ! you will have one at time. Me too, don’t have that much to write also. I am just posting my prior travels and experiences. Before my birthday, I was thinking what happen to my life. Blogging or writing helps me realized my life is meaningful and I’m so blessed. Looking forward on your stories . Sulat na din 🙂


  2. Just continue enjoying life and share your experiences to us readers… Whenever i plan to go somewhere, i seek blogs first than checking their sites. Hindi kc biased and mas daming pointers akong nakukuha. Looking forward to your next posts 😉


  3. Greetings, Jacqueline!

    My family and I are planning to visit Cambodia in May. Of course, Angkor Wat is one of our destinations. I have a question regarding this. Is there a dress code for Angkor Wat? I want to pack appropriate clothes for the vacation. I know Cambodia is very hot, therefore, I was going to pack a lot of shorts. But I want to make sure I would not disrespect their culture if I wear shorts (half way of my thighs). Thank you so much in advance.


    1. Hi Kimberly ! Yes there are couple of temples that won’t allow shorts and sleeveless . Actually, I bought some local pajamas there. I really love Siem reap you will definitely enjoy it. I suggest you visit first the museum before having the tour in the Angkor wat and other temple to know the history of most of the temples. Thank you for reading my blog dear!


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