Siem Reap Itinerary and Expenses

Boarding! For Airfare, just wait for some promo, I’ve booked my plane ticket ahead of time which cost me around PHP6K for roundtrip . Suppose to be my  plan route is I’ll be heading first to Vietnam and back to Manila from Siem reap for 7 days travel including weekends but sadly need to prioritize some things in work.Thus, I  need to cut my 7 days vacation to 3 nights and 3 days instead which means I need to book a new ticket going to Siem Reap for Php 7k (Boomer).


For my 3 nights and 3 days stay in Siem Reap :

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For P700 only a night, I’ve felt like a Queen thanks to  Golden Temple Villa with bathtub and free massage haha! and a free upgrade, what else I can ask ! right!?. Definitely will recommend this hotel to everybody, if they are going to Siem Reap, this hotel will treat you like royalty at a bargain price.

Before saying goodbye, I’ve gave them some tips and Thank you gift. One of the hotel with such a price that treat their guest as royalty with truly 5 stars service.

Golden Temple Villa Website

Here are the other expenses I’ve occurred on my 3 days and 3 nights stay in Siem Reap:

  • Tours package ranging 13  to 30 usd (Good for max 6 persons) in a tuk tuk.
  • Entrance ticket for the temples:20 usd for 1 day, 40 usd for 3 days and 60 usd ata for whole week .
  • Tour guide that will take care of you and shot amazing pictures Sov Sothik  . Depends on the tour but most probably 30 usd per tour . You will not be disappointed, truly he is a amazing tour guide probably the best in Siem Reap
  •  Buffet dinner at Koulen restaurant and to see  Aspara dance for 12 usd  per person.
  • Museum plus audio cost me 17 usd.
  • Phare Circus for 12 usd
  • Tonle sap lake tour; for the whole boat (good for 12 max person) 25 usd
  • Food average  of  3 -8 usd pending on what you order or where you order the foods. But my tour guide and tuk tuk driver took me to restaurants that serves really good cambodian dishes at the discount. They ordered for me most of the time because prices for foreigner is much higher than locals.

If you’re traveling in a group 200 usd excluded airfare per person will do but  if you’re traveling alone it goes much higher probably 300 usd to 400 usd per person. These cost per person might be lowered or higher depending on your wants.

If you have any questions you can ask me anytime and will respond as soon as possible  🙂 . Enjoy traveling on a budget!

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