Day 3 (last day) Amazing Siem Reap with me,myself and I


After going to lots of temples, It’s time to see  the current life of the Cambodians and learn more on their rich culture .
I start my last day spending 2 hours in Siem reap in Angkor National Museum . Entrance is 15 usd. On My first 5 mins, I realized why some people with me had headsets and why there are numbers display in each section in the Museum. I went back on the front desk and asked the lady for the audio, I was surprised and bit disappointed when she asked additional 3 usd for the audio. I still decided to get one. Later I realized the audio is really important, It will make you feel your back in time early 800 to 900 years ago . It felt I was in a I max movie, literally within it.
Visiting the Angkor National Museum is really a must in Siem Reap. This will make you understand why and how they built the temples,  their history and how early people inspired to create these wonderful and mysterious temples . If  only I can redo my itinerary, I will go first to the Angkor National Museum.

Lunch in a local restaurant for just 4.5 usd good for two people . Thanks to my tuktuk driver/photographer, Mr. Sarat.
Then last stop to Tonle Sap, this lake make me see that Cambodians are just simple people with simple needs. And how poverty  and corruptions block their dreams . There are some charity events happens here but  based on the people I’ve talked to the proceed seems never reach them .

You will experience to be that super close to the crocs , almost 3 feet high only in between of  wooden floor. It is really scary,  I felt like that I was in the Lake placid movie. lol.

I felt really grateful  to spend and talked to the locals .

I met  this young boy Takeon ( As I recall his name).  Hahaha He massaged me while sailing along the lake, A lovely boy with full of dreams in his young life. He stop going to school to help his family financially . I wish for him will go back to school and have a better future . In our goodbyes, He gave me a flying kiss (So sweet 🙂 ) . I hope I could  see him again when I go back to Siem Reap.  If only I can to adopt him.

All in all spent 23 usd for renting the whole boat good for 10 to 12 people and it was not a waste for me. Going in this lake hit my heart deeply, I felt sorry on how poverty and corrupt destroy local Cambodians lives.

My last stop, Dinner with the overlooking of Angkor Wat . Such a perfect view for having dinner during the sunset. I spent 4 usd for my dinner good for 2 (with my tuktuk driver/photographer/found friend Mr. Sarat)  . With this view it feels like I was in a 4 star restaurant . Perfect view!

For details on my expense please Click this Link

Hope to see you soon Siem Reap. #solotraveller #Siem Reap

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